Friday, March 19, 2010

Harvest of Hope

Fire ants! Probably the only thing resembling a bummer on our brief trip to paradise. St. Augustine in March is about as perfect as it gets. Nevermind the heavy rain and acres of mud on Friday. We were just glad to be out of Danny's station wagon after 17 hours. Joe was barefoot nearly all weekend. Tons of beer and whiskey helped too. That night I was making an emergency exit from the main stage where Dr. Dog set was cut short when I heard the sounds of Japanther coming from a nearby stage. They came late and were bumped to a late night slot. I remember stage diving and lots of mud and then waking up in our tent soaking wet and shivering in the middle of the night. As my drunk wore off and I could no longer stay asleep I prayed for sun. When prayers are answered it is customary to celebrate so we got right on that. Since Harvest of Hope Fest is a benefit we were basically paid in food and beer tickets. Thanks to everyone who came out to our show and made it worthwhile. Other highlights for us on Saturday were the Mercury Program, Good Luck, Anvil, and Billy Bragg who owned his audience and could have played much longer without anyone noticing. We left early Sunday morning so Joe could make it to work on Monday. Wouldn't have minded spending a couple more days or a week down there but the time we had was wonderful. Beats being locked up in this pharmaceutical laboratory!

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  1. Ha! Joe's feet! Danny in the sunshine and Brett Green! Looks like fun.