Sunday, April 11, 2010

Busy Bees

It is officially sunny in Philadelphia and there is a lot going on as we crawl out of our caves and shed our winter blankets. For one, it is time again for the spring music festivals. We spent last weekend in Harrisonburg, VA at MACRoCk. The fest is officially in its 13th year but was born again last year as it became autonomous from James Madison University giving it a new breath and humbleness. This year's line-up was regional to the surrounding states and focused on up-and-coming talent which made it full of surprises. Many bands came from Philadelphia, Richmond, Washington DC, and the Midwest. My favorite moments were with Monument, Field Day, Antlers, Boys & Sex (house show), and Cloud Nothings. Let me not forget to mention that MACRoCk is strategically plotted to go down on the single nicest weekend of the year. We love you MACRoCk.

Yesterday was the 32nd annual Human BBQ at the Pi Lam in West Philadelphia. The Pi Lam is a University of Pennsylvania "indie frat" that hosts awesome shows year-round including 2 Piece Fest. The Human BBQ offers an all day celebration of the arrival of spring with nearly 20 of Philadelphia's greatest bands, front yard grilling, and 18 kegs of delicious libations. You read that correctly. And we are not talking about Pabst or High Life. Dogfish Head, Dock St., Philadelphia Brewing Company, Sam Adams... the list goes on a needless to say we were excited to be a part of this. In addition to superior beer selection, the bands gathered to play this year's BBQ were a perfect compliment. Dangerous Ponies, Netherfriends, the Extraordinaries, Double Dagger, My Mind, and Amateur Party to name a few.

No reason to rub it in now except to turn you green and make you move to Philadelphia but, a few weeks ago we played a secret Paint It Black house show at the Terrordome. It was especially surprising since just a couple weeks prior the Terrordome had announced it's closing due to increasing publicity and police presence. Somehow this went off without a stitch and everyone who got there in time to fit into the house had an amazing experience. We are glad this house is still around.

While not playing shows or doing school work Tank has been restoring vintage drums that keep falling into his lap. This is a 60's Slingerland snare that I got a hold of years ago but never had parts for. He also did a similar 4 piece kit recently. Pictures soon. note: Sriracha was not used in the restoration.

Joe just finished recording the Boyfriends/Boys & Sex split has just begun the Snowing album. I am very excited about these as I am sure you are too. Ticklebutt is putting out the split towards the end of summer and the Snowing record will be released by Count Your Lucky Stars later in the year. I recently recorded a couple songs for Towers including a GG Allin cover. Won't tell you which one but they will be on a cassette single and you can pick it up on their July tour. Prepare to be offended. Band Name stopped by my bedroom to record a couple tracks on 4 track that will be on a split tape released by Eat A Book Records in the United Kingdom. They turned out very neat and feature the debut of Cat singing. Cool!

We had a very special blood sucking visitor in the warehouse the other day. I heard the excitement and high pitched shrieks of Danny from my room. When i came out to see what the hoopla was I found myself mimicking my roommates, darting our heads from side to side with our eyes fixed on this little vampire flying all over the place. We clapped and whistled and ducked every time this creature of the night made a pass at us. He terrorized our house for about 20 minutes until he found the open window. "I miss him already" Danny said.

Listening to Alex Kerns' Demo. A lot.


  1. haha danny. as i already told him, all the coolest stuff happens at your house!

  2. Just came across you guys by pure chance. Best wishes from New Orleans, love your sounds!

    - Jack Gray