Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Some Thing Last A Long Time

Since this 7" was released in April of 2008, righteously re-born later that year and repressed again in 2009 I have screenprinted the front and back of about 1,300 of these. Not to mention the hundreds of spray painted CDRs that also wore screenprinted armor. There was the occasional helping hand from Be Happy Records CEO Craig Woods, fellow bandmates, and EJ, Scumhand of Grizzly Records. I am more than excited to say announce that the very last cover has been finally been printed. We now have the remaining 200 of these available for mailorder. This will be the final pressing of this old old record.

While we're on the subject of 7"s, here are a couple that also have branches on the Cadwallader family tree. The first, a split between Tank's solo project, Matt = Tank, and good buddies, J. Fox. When Tank broke his foot in the winter of 2008 he was limited in movement and unable to play drums for about 6 months. His dad bought him a ukulele so he could still play music during his recovery. He took to it like a little girl in a field of diamonds and pumped out about 20 catchy tunes before anyone could even ask him how it was going. Included on the record are a couple that I produced with him in the studio along with the help of plenty of friends. The J. Fox numbers are the best yet from this Philadlephia 3 piece. Bouncy indie rock jams that bring the party vibe.

There is a guy called Pat Fortenbaugh who comes from the most interesting and nightmarishly eclectic family I have ever met. He also happens to be one of the nicest people I've ever met and has a superior taste in music. He has led me to discover some of my favorite bands today. So one day he decides he will start to play the guitar and write songs too. What soon came out were wheel-barrels of the most honest and fun songs I've ever heard in my life. He has literally brought me to tears almost every time I have seen him play live. Tears of laughter and joy. I wanted to be a part of his music as much as I wanted everyone else to hear it so I convinced him to let me record a bunch of his songs and put out a split 7" with me. Here are 2 from each of us recorded in my mom's attic on 4 track back in 2005.

All of these are now available for $5 each, postage paid. See instructions to the right on how to order. You can also download the tracks here:

Algernon Cadwallader Demo
J. Fox/Matt = Tank
Peter the Pianoeater/The Pat Fortenbaugh One

Finally, we will be playing one of our only shows this summer (yea, it's hot so it's fucking summer) tomorrow with Snowing, Boyfriends, and For Serious This Time. It's going to be a scorcher!


  1. Can we expect any new stuff from you guys in the near future? I'm itching to hear some more.

  2. new stuff is coming. we're working on it this summer.