Monday, December 13, 2010


I just came across this blog on which our friend Duncan from Louisville spurts a little history about band shirts he has acquired over the years. A really neat idea since the best part of crappy DIY band-printed shirts is obviously the memories that follow them home from the show. Algernon Cadwallader made the top 12! I found the origins of our shirt particularly moving. Maybe because I was there to experience them too. Cool!


  1. This is simply wonderful guys. Love the posts, definitely love the music. Is there a chance you ever will be playing in Amsterdam? You could crash at my place, hell, you could even play at my place. That would rock... Anyway, keep making music guys, it's intense and it's even getting across the ocean. Drop by in the Netherlands some time.


    p.s. I want to buy your stuff, what do you still have available?

  2. look for us in your favorite weed bar in september. we've still got LPs for sale. that's about it.

  3. Ha, finally checked up at my comment. How to purchase the LP's, where and how expensive? At Protagonist it says sold out...

  4. you guys going to have some shirts for sale when you hit the UK?