Saturday, May 21, 2011

Recording Week Umpteen, New Album, & US Tour

We've got a lot to cover here. A culmination of half a year's effort. I'm going to move fast so pay attention.

The light at the end of the tunnel was growing exponentially nearer. With only a few weeks left before tour we began sacrificing personal liberties such as sleep and a regular diet. We were machines working on schematics a better us had written. Joe announced a quota of mixing one song a day. They were long days. Mixing the record prompted us to add a bunch of auxiliary instruments to fill any pot holes in the songs. We finished everything with a day to spare before mastering but rather than taken a desperately needed rest Joe and Tank took the mixes over to our mastering engineers house to listen to everything on his speakers. A different pair of speakers can expose the most well kept secrets. Listening to your recording on your stereo, in the car, and on headphones is of course an important perspective but what they heard come our of those speakers was so dark and deep that they stayed there working through the night and morning. This began the marathon of sleep deprivation. Joe brought the mixes home at 11 AM and told me we had some recording to do. Some missing guitars, sour vocals, and a few other small things. We had until 5 PM when we were do back at Ryan's to begin mastering.

We brought our own computer and set up adjacent to the mastering room to tweak mixes up until the second he needed them from us. He'd finish one and come in for the next as we were printing the bounce. Our heads would pop into his side every once in a while to make sure we were happy with what he was doing. We listened to everything and wrapped up around 5 in the morning. We cannot thank Ryan enough for putting so much work into this and staying up until the wee small hours 2 nights in a row while still waking up to manage the studios at Drexel University in the morning.

Tank, Joe, and I headed to an all night diner in Center City for our obligatory celebration of this momentous completion. We were pretty cracked out and even made the regulars at this dive nervous as we shouted gibberish and failed to understand the plea of an outgoing local political candidate. Then it was back to the warehouse to finish packing, putting together records, and printing t-shirts for tour. We would never have finished getting all the merch for this 5 week tour ready without the help an amazing group of hand-selected friends. Still, this ended up in a 2nd night (3rd for Joe) of zero sleep but we were driven by a force far more compelling than comfort.

We met the rest of the crew from 1994! and Snowing in Lancaster, threw our schwag in the van, and hit the road. Finally shut our eyes for longer than a blink on the way to Hagerstown and then floated psychedelically on stage for our first show. Purgatory was ending and we were entering the dream.

So, here it is. The second album by Algernon Cadwallader entitled Parrot Flies. We've gone through a lot of changes and difficult times since releasing our first album. It feels like a new band sometimes. Or just been flying through our adolescence. I think it would be fair to measure band life in dog years. CDs are being rushed to us so we should have them by the west coast leg of our tour. The LPs will come in when we get home and we'll be able to start mailorder again. Until then you can come out and pick it up at the show. Here are the dates. All with 1994! and Snowing.

18th Hagerstown, Maryland @ Right Choice Ministries w/ LOUD
19th Blacksburg, Virginia @ JAX 130 Jackson St w/ Diarrhea Planet
20th Charlotte, North Carolina @ Treasure Fest
21st Greenville, SC @ w/ Days Become Months
22nd Birmingham, Alabama @ Spring Street House w/ The Max Levine Ensemble and Fewer Moving Parts
23rd Jackson, Mississippi @ Doc 36 w/ Les Doux and Pockets
24th New Orleans, Louisiana @ Dragon’s Den w/ Marathon
25th Houston, Texas @ Vinyl Junky Records w/ Football Etc.
26th Denton, Texas @ Lion’s Den w/ Final Club
27th Oklahoma City, Oklahoma @ Brass Bell Studios w/ Concussion Waltz
28th Albequerque, New Mexico @ Dad’s House w/ lots of bands
29th Phoenix, Arizona @ The Fixx Coffee Bare
30th Tucson, Arizona @ TBA
31st San Diego, California @ Che Cafe

1st Los Angeles, California @ Women of Crenshaw
2nd Santa Barbara, California @ Biko Garage w/ Lumber Lung
3rd San Francisco, California @ Sub-Mission
4th Berkley, California @ 924 Gilman St. w/ Joyce Manor
5th Reading, California @ Sue's Java Cafe
7th Portland, Oregon @ Backspace w/ Duck Little Brother Duck
8th Seattle, Washington @ Healthy Times Fun Club w/ Jason Clackley
9th Spokane, Washington @ The Cretin Hop w/ Girlfriends, DLBD
10th Rexburg, Idaho @ TBA
11th Cheyenne, Wyoming @ Crawlspace w/ Spraynard
12th Boulder, Colorado @ Astro-Land
13th Lincoln, Nebraska @ Mad Ave. w/ The Dads
14th Wichita, Kansas @ The Naked City Gallery w/ Information Welfare
15th St. Louis, Missouri @ Cranky Yellow w/ Orion Pax
16th Bloomington, Indiana @ The Bishop w/ Good Luck
17th Louisville, Kentucky @ Mowgli's House
18th Chicago, Illinois @ Strangelight w/ Sohns and Innards
19th Grand Rapids, Michigan @ The DAAC w/ the Reptilian
20th Columbus, Ohio @ Carabar
21st Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania @ Helter Shelter w/ Means to an End and Edhoculi
22nd Rochester, New York @ The Bugjar
23rd East Hampton, Massachusetts @ Flywheel
24th Scranton, Pennsylvania @ Redwood Art Space w/ Trainwrecker and Halfling
25th New York, New York @ Archeron w/ The Greek Favourites


  1. can you please leak it onto the internet and make the fans go insanely soaked or is that asking for too much?
    i will do 100 push ups, or freeze my private flop, or do anything!

    either way, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bravo, boys! Can't wait to hear it.


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