Friday, April 6, 2012


If you're wondering why we've been so quiet these past winter months, well, maybe you should mind your own stinking business. No, don't! Look at us! Check out what we did!

Joe recently finished up a major recording project with Philadelphia's beloved Hop Along. Get Disowned is the band's debut full length as a 3 piece and has been artfully tuned and de-tuned over the course of the past 2 years the Headroom. It was completed last month and we were so excited with the outcome that we asked if we could release the record. And so it was, that the first non-algernon release on Hot Green Records would be none other than Hop Along's Get Disowned, scheduled to drop on May 5th, 2012. Pre-orders are available now over at and will receive an ultra-limited cassette B side from the artist exclusive to pre-orders only.

When he doesn't have his nose in a book, Tank has been playing in Philadelphia super group, Stable Boys, with some other great players whose names are tied to bands like Snowing, Glocca Morra, and Kite Party. Their debut 7" is coming out April 20th on Evil Weevil Records and they have a demo cassette out now. Check them out below. They're evil!
Stable Boys "Attitudes"
Stable Boys "Demo"

Who is Mike Bell? Dangerous question. You might know Mike Bell from the 75:24 tape, his stint in Band Name, or from one of our previous tours. He's been called guy in the vest or guy with the shades or the tambourine guy (loud guy covered in beer). What he is overlooked as is the guy with the songs. Mike is an honest singer/songwriter whom I have collaborated with for many years. Joe and I have finally formed a proper backing band for him and just recorded our first 7" as a band, released heroically by Self Aware Records. You can download it here:
Mike Bell & the Movies "Stuck In A TV".

And now over to Steve for shows... Thanks Rudiger... looks like we've got a bunch of smelly bands moving in, circulating the east coast and gathering in hip towns and cities, crippling the local economy and drastically lowering anyone's chances of getting laid. A annual occurrence that we in the business call... Fest Season! We will be partying at the following...

April 6th & 7th MACRoCk in Harrisonburg, VA (

April 13th-15th Stay Sweet Fest in Richmond, VA (

April 20th-22nd Road To Ruin Fest in Philadelphia, PA (

April 26th Culture Shock Pre-Fest at SUNY Purchase

May 18th & 19th Treasure Fest in Charlotte, NC (

May 25th-27th BFOS Fest in Montreal

Further show listing posted to the right.

Thanks for reading!